Sun Lakes Fire District

Information Sheet

Sun Lakes Fire District is a political subdivision of the State of Arizona, formed under A.R.S. Title 48, Chapter 5. The District is governed by an elected five member board . The District covers 6.75 square miles.
The Sun Lakes Fire District has two stations staffed full-time. Each station responds one ALS Engine (Engine 231, Engine 232) staffed with four personnel (two paramedics, two EMT's) and one ALS ambulance (Medic 231, Rescue 232) staffed with one EMT and one Paramedic.  The department also responds one Battalion Chief (Battalion 231) from station 231.
The District has  a Fire Chief, a Deputy Chief, 3 Battalion Chiefs, 6 Captains, 6 Engineers and18 Firefighters, 12 civilian emergency medical services providers, and 6 civilian employees.
We provide our community with fire protection, emergency medical service, emergency ambulance transportation, fire prevention and inspections, public education, and code enforcement, hazardous material responses. Personnel responded to approximately 3300 calls for service annually.
Sun Lakes Fire District is part of the Phoenix Fire Department Computer Aided Dispatch System.
Sun Lakes Fire District is a member of the Phoenix Regional Automatic Aid System.