The Sun Lakes Fire District was formed in July 1975 by the residents of the community, with the help of the developer, Mr. E. J. Robson.  In it's inception the District was formed as an all volunteer organization, and remained as such until the hiring of the first paid firefighter in 1987.

The first station was built in 1978, followed by a second station in 1990.  Each station houses an engine and a rescue/ambulance.  Station 232 was re-modeled to accommodate an increase in manpower in 2002, and Station 231 was demolished and re-built in 2004.

The Sun Lakes Fire District covers 6.75 square miles, including areas outside Sun Lakes proper.  Additionally, through the operation of an automatic mutual aid agreement, the District also covers sections of the community of Chandler.

Current call volume averages approximately 3,500 calls annually.  About 150 of these calls are fire calls, the majority of the remainder are emergency medical calls.

These calls are handled by forty-eight emergency response personnel.  Staffing for each shift consists of one Battalion Chief with a Battalion Safety and Training Officer.  Two fire engines staffed with five personnel each, and two ambulances staffed with paramedics and EMT's.
The District administration is staffed by a Fire Chief, one Deputy Chief, an Accounting Specialist, a Human Resource Coordinator, two Administrative Assistants and an Emergency Medical Service Coordinator.  The departments equipment is maintained by a full-time mechanic.

All of the services provided by the Sun Lakes Fire District would not be possible without the direction provided  by the governing Board of Directors.  This five person Board is comprised of members elected by the citizens of Sun Lakes, each member serves a four-year term.  The Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis.