CAP Program Information

If you are thinking about the program, sign up for an introductory ride-a-long by going to Fire Station 2, on Alma School Road, just north of Riggs Road, during normal business hours Monday through Thursday.  At the station you will be asked to sign a waiver and give us several dates that you are available for a ride-a-long.  
Within a short time, a member of the CAP Recruitment Committee will call to schedule your ride-a-long.  On the day of your ride-a-long, you are requested to arrive at Fire Station 2 at 7:30 AM to meet with the team coming on duty.  Also, you are requested to wear dark shorts or long pants, a white or light colored collared shirt, and for your safety, sturdy walking shoes (no open toes, no sandals).
You can schedule either a full day or half-day ride-a-long.  If you select a half-day ride-a-long in the morning, you need to recognize that if the team is on a call at the end of your ride-a-long, the team must complete the call before you can be returned to Fire Station 2.
While the purpose of the ride-a-long is to show you what we do to help the community, there is a possibility that you may experience little or no activity.  Some days are like that.  We cannot guarantee a busy day.  But if you don’t see a lot of activity, remember, a quiet day for the CAP team is a good day for the community.
If you have questions about the program or wish to volunteer, call SLFD at 480-895-9343 and ask for the CAP office.
All volunteers are expected to commit to a monthly average of two shifts, and one evening business / training meeting.  The business / training meeting is currently scheduled for the third Wednesday of the month from 6:00 PM to approximately 7:00 PM.

CAP Meeting

Your initial training consists of the following:
One block of core training of approximately 15 hours that must be completed in total.
These courses are:
Driver Training
CPR and Basic First Aid Training
Radio and MCT Training
Map Reading and Scene Protocol Training
Finally, each new volunteer must complete a minimum of two full shift training ride-a-longs to become familiar with the CAP routine.   More training ride-a-longs can be scheduled at the request of the new volunteer.
After completing training, new volunteers are assigned duty with experienced volunteers for the first few months.
If you have additional questions about the training, call 480-895-9343 and ask for the CAP office.